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Welcome in the stylish the Tetu Brissy restaurant named after the famous pioneer of the French aeronautics Pierre Tetu Brissy (1770 to 1829).

Vzducholoď, kůň a pan Brissy His adventurous life story is fascinating. This pioneer of balloon flying accomplished his first flight in 1785. He became famous by his historically first night ascent in a hydrogen balloon in 1786, and later mainly by his expeditions with animals, primarily with horses on whose backs he sat during the flight.

The Tetu Brissy restaurant is also exceptional thanks to the fact that its peripheral walls are built from unburned clay trampled down into formwork by pisé technology, which, as it happens, was legalized in France instead of wooden structures as prevention against fires during the time of Napoleonic wars, i.e. at the time when Pierre Tetu Brissy lived and was flying.

Tettu Brissy

The gastronomic offer of the Tetu Brissy restaurant is symbolically interconnected with the theme of aeronautics. The courageous Pierre could not deny being a real French gourmet who, after he once more landed on solid ground after his demanding flights, was able to flamboyantly feast and reward himself with the best delicacies. Therefore, he no doubt deserves our restaurant bearing his name. Our selection is based on the same values as the cuisine of the 19th century – honest home-made cuisine, as well as on quality and fresh raw materials. Today, we add modern design and the safe and careful preparation of meals made possible by the modern processing technology.

The team of cooks and serving staff of the Tetu Brissy restaurant are looking forward to your visit, and they are prepared to do everything in order to endure that your stay at the aeronautical restaurant is a pleasant experience which you will gladly and cheerily remember

We wish you a pleasant experience, and enjoy your meals!

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tel: 267 268 700
e-mail: rezervace@tetubrissy.cz
Květnového povstání 194
110 00 Praha 10 - Benice
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Opening hours: Daily from 12:00 – 23:00


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