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Our aim is to make the Tetu Brissy aeronautical restaurant a coveted place thanks to its excellent cuisine, unrepeatable atmosphere and personal approach of our staff. We want to reward your loyalty with added value, which you can get through the Boarding Pass.

Palubní karta What is the Boarding Pass, and what advantages does it offer?
The BOARDING PASS of the Tetu Brissy restaurant is a transferable chip card with a thematic print and an identification number which offers you periodical discounts and other attractive advantages (this of course includes your family members or friends with which you ate at the restaurant). Further, the Boarding Pass allows you to park at no charge in the underground garages of Park Holiday (you will open the gate by placing the card on the photocell in the entry panel).




Updated on: Januar 1, 2016

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Boarding pass

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tel: 267 268 700
Květnového povstání 194
110 00 Praha 10 - Benice
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Opening hours: Daily from 12:00 – 23:00


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