Permanent menu


Lightly flavored small salad of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers

CZK 65

Slices of smoked beef tongue with apple chutney and horseradish

CZK 105

Terrine of smoked trout with frisée salad

CZK 125

Slices of beetroot marinated in chilli with goat cheese parfait and lime dressing

CZK 145

Tartar of fresh salmon with shallot, dijon mustard and dill

CZK 165

Tartar of beef tenderloin with capers, cornichon gherkins, shallot,
mayonnaise and parmesan

CZK 195


Minestrone Hearty Italian vegetable soup

CZK 85

Chicken broth with root vegetables, pieces of chicken meat,
noodles and fresh parsley

CZK 75

Kulajda soup -sweet-sour cream soup with poached egg, mushrooms,
boiled potatoes and dill

CZK 85


Ceasar Salad-romaine lettuce with grilled chicken breast,
garlic croutons, dressing with anchovies and parmesan

CZK 235

Salad greens with gratinated goat cheese, grilled eggplant,
dried pork ham, rucola salad and balsamic dressing

CZK 255

Spaghetti with Avocado, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, basil and parmesan cheese

CZK 225

Penne with dried tomatoes, turkey and parmesan cheese

CZK 215

Spaghetti with tiger prawns and chilli peppers fried in olive oil
with slices of garlic

CZK 255

Potato gnocchi with chicken meat, creamy leaf spinach and garlic

CZK 225


Fillet of salmon with grilled vegetables and lyonnaise potatoes

CZK 365

Grilled fillet of sea bass with asparagus ragout and boiled potatoes

CZK 455

Chicken fillets in parmesan crust with butter mashed potatoes

CZK 245

Grilled turkey breast with crushed tomatoes sauce,
steamed vegetables and wild rice

CZK 265

Crispy roasted duck leg with red cabbage
and carlsbad dumplings

CZK 275

Roast saddle of rabbit with thyme, mustard, bacon,
spring onions and mashed potatoes

CZK 275

Beef shank braised in red wine with root vegetables and potato purée

CZK 295

Beef tenderloin with beans, green pepper sauce
and french fries

CZK 495

Grilled pork chop "Duroc"with mustard sauce
and french green lentils

CZK 295



Baby buns with vanilla creamy sauce

CZK 85

Spaghetti with crushed tomatoes sauce
and mozzarella cheese

CZK 95

Grilled or fried chicken steak with mashed potatoes

CZK 125



Choux pastry with vanilla cream and caramel whipped cream

CZK 75

Piña colada dessert -Orange liqueur marinated
thin slices of pineapple with black coconut ice cream

CZK 95

Crème Brûlée-smooth creamy custard with vanilla flavor
and caramelized sugar

CZK 95

Salted Chocolate Dessert-chocolate dough cake
with himalayan salt, pecan nuts and sour cream

CZK 95




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